Thursday, January 31, 2008

Facts about Fries

Yesterday the fry container turned Valentine was a huge hit. (scroll down if you missed it) Because of this we had a dedicated few who went on a fry taste testing trip. The purpose was of course to get the container the fries come in but it came with it's benefit, a reason to eat fries - it would be wasteful to just chuck them after all. Anyway, after several different stops and purchases of different sizes of fries, it was determined the best fry box for the project shown on yesterday's post was .... drumroll please.... medium fries from Burger King. Now, just because this research has been done for you, please feel free to conduct your own experiments. After all, we didn't say anything about Wendy's Chicken nugget containers....

And, because no post is complete without a picture, here are some more Valentine stickers that would look really cute on your little decorated fry boxes.


Mona said...

Actually, after a conversation with Judy, I agreed with her that maybe the Wendy's $1 fry container is an even better size, especially for little children or if you have quite a few to make.

Mmmmm, I'll have to sacrifice myself again to get that container.

Judy said...

Hey if your going to make a sacrifice you should share some of those fries because I think I gave you one of my containers.