Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Work It Wednesday - french fries and valentines

Happy, wet and rainy Wednesday. As you know Work It Wednesday is where we feature some trick or tip that you can do with your paper crafting supplies. Since Valentines Day is coming I wanted to share a little something that you can make for a special someone. All you need is some cardstock, stickers and french fries (mine came from Burger King). And, yes, I do realize that most people don't think of french fries when they think of paper crafting or Valentine's Day for that matter. But the combination makes perfect sense to me, here's what I mean: (If you have trouble reading the words on the photos, click on the photo to enlarge)

And then after you've done all that, you do the last step:

See, french fries, paper crafting supplies, and Valentine's Day really do go well together.

P.S. The stickers I used are called Outline Stickers. They were a huge hit at Christmas time and I must say I love the variety of Valentine's themes even more. Here's some that we have in the store.


Jo-Lynn said...

What a cute idea!! If anyone asks for help with step one of the instructions, give me a call - I'll be more than happy to help.

Dolores Stone said...

I love that idea....would be great for any holiday that you wish to give a little something to someone. I'm with Jo-Lynn. I'll help on the first part too. :)

Kim said...

I love this idea, especially the first step! Thanks again Amy for another great idea. I do have one question though, Do you get to repeat step one for every box you make? :)

rubyslippers said...

This is very cool! I think I can do this with my 5th graders! We'll add some 'paper french fries' with Valentine's messages on them!!

Now... if only I could find the time to get to Judy's?