Saturday, January 12, 2008

Inque Boutique Stamps

Earlier this week our shipment of Inque Boutique items arrived. And, as promised, here is a highlight of just ONE of their items.

The set featured here is called "Sharie Numbers" and in my opinion, is a perfect set. I have made many projects using this stamp set, cards, calendars, scrapbook pages and planners are just a few. The set comes with numbers 0 thru 9 and then several different numbers spelled out.

These two valentine cards were made in a jiffy using the stamp set. Although you can't see the inside, I used the stamps on the inside too. The first card says "I've been counting and you're still my number 1!". The front of the second card says " We are 2 hearts" and you open it up to read "that beat as one."

And last but not least is a cookie sheet calendar that was made using some of the stamps from this set. Numbers 3, 6, 10, 20,29 & 30.

So, there you have it, just a few things you can do with this awesome stamp set. There are so many other possibilities too. Stop in and see the set in person and while you are in the store, check out the other sets we have from the same company - all of them are fabulous.

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Mona said...

Some more great examples of some wonderful ideas. I just bought these stamps and know that I am going to have lots of opportunities to use them. I really like the different way you had of indicating w008 by using the two, the thousand and the eight word stamps.