Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is not the idea I had planned to share. My original idea had something to do with Valentines day and French Fries - weird, I know. But, it is a cool thought and is one I will share after my camera battery comes back to life and I can take pictures again. (hopefully tomorrow) Until then though, here is another idea that you can tuck away for your Work It Wednesday.

Journaling cards are a great addition to any scrapbook layout. By adding one to your page you have taken all the work out of wondering where to add your journaling. Plus, it gives you straight lines to make hand journaling a little easier. Now, there are several companies who sell this type of thing but our work it tip of the day is making your own. Here's how:

Open a word document program and starting at the top of the page hold down the "shift" key and the dash key at the same time. (The dash key is located next to the zero on your keyboard) Keep holding it down until you have filled a full page. Then hit print. Once it is printed you can trim it to any size you want. I like to keep mine small about 3x3 usually, and close at hand for quick journaling. Depending on your computer program you can even change the line style and size. I like to use dots as my lines, something like this (.....................................................................)

If you are feeling really creative you can make a text box first and then place the lines inside the box. This will give you a little frame around your journaling.

The photo above shows a journaling card in use, all it needs is the story to be written in place. Also in the picture are some of our new acrylic Flourish stamps - these are so cool! They are so easy to use and add a nice finishing touch to my journaling card. We now carry these in the store and have more on the way.

So that's it. We have a ton of new stuff to share with you. I was in the store yesterday and have a ton of things to share with you so check back tomorrow.


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