Monday, July 7, 2008

Binder Rings

I don't know about you but most of the mini-albums I make are held together with binder rings. I like binder rings because they are easy to add or subtract pages from. Not to mention they are just simply, easy to use. One thing I don't always care for is that I've had a hard time finding binding rings that aren't the bright, traditional silver. That is until now. Several different companies are making binder rings now, including these by 7-gypsies. We have them in black and a brush nickel - both are awesome and would be perfect for almost any project. Stop in and check them out.


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Mona said...

Another great find. I love the idea of the black rings as they would complement pretty much any sort of album (I tend to ink the edges of a lot of my pages in blank or dark brown) and the brushed nickel probably has a softer look to it than regular jump rings. Something else to add to my list for my next trip to Judy's. Makes me wish the store had an easy way to create a computerized 'wish list' service where I could add items to my own list and then print it out before heading off to Judy's or opening it up while I'm there so I don't forget what it was I wanted.

Anyway, keep the product highlights coming!