Friday, July 11, 2008

We're So Excited!!!

We've had good news today and want to share. Judy's grand kids are famous! You might remember this little album from a past post but it was published recently and the idea book it is in has just hit the news stands.

And, for those that attended our last crop, this book might look a little familiar to you too. This was the inspiration album for our mini album we made in class. The one we made was slightly different and looks like the one below. Remember? It's fun to take an idea and re-use it with a new theme and purpose.

Both of the mini albums, the one with Judy's grandkids and the one from the crop, were both made using these Kaiser Board Books - we've got some in stock now and would love for you to stop in and check them out.

And, if you are interested in making a book like these but need some help, please inquire about kits and classes.


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Mona said...

I was so excited when I got this magazine in the mail last week and realized I knew some famous people. Now Amy, you neglected to mention that the magazine also contains another of your creative little books. By the way, I intend to 'lift' a few of your ideas for something I'm working on right now! I hope you don't mind.