Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Pick of the Day

I spotted these nesting punches on my last visit to the store. At first glance I just thought they were flower punches, and they are. However, these are what they call Nesting Punches. So, you can punch the three different sizes and then stack them together to make flowers with dimension. Very Cool. I don't have a sample of my own to show you but I did find the image below on the manufacture's website. Isn't this card cute? They've used these stamps and a combination of others to make a little flower garden. So fun.

P.S. Remember to tune in tomorrow for Work it Wednesday. I've got another fun little project to show and a big announcement to share. (No, Silly! Neither Judy or I are pregnant. It's not that kind of announcement)

1 comment:

Mona said...

What a tease!!!! Why is it that women automatically go there when the word announcement is use??? I'm hoping that maybe your announcement might have something to do with you moving back tot he area or at least setting up a few workshops for fall.