Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Kiss and Tell

Did the title of this blog post catch your eye? Ya, well I don't have anything steamy to report, I just have a cool little stamping technique to tell you about that's called "kissing".

"Kissing" is where you ink up one stamp and then take another stamp and "kiss" it to the inked stamp. Then, using the stamp that you just "kissed" with, you stamp onto your paper. It's hard to explain but easy to show, here's how you do it....

1- Gather your supplies. You need at least two stamps. One with some details like the acrylic flower shown and one that is mostly a solid surface like the circle stamp shown. Plus, don't forget your ink and paper too.

2- Using the detailed stamp you choose, ink it up

3- Then, using the solid stamp press it onto of the previously inked stamp. In a sense you are kissing the two stamps together - be sure to keep the stamps steady and flat.

4- Remove the solid stamp (a circle for me) and stamp it onto your paper.

There you have it, you're done. This is really fun to experiment with. It can work with so many different kinds of stamps and designs and will allow you more options in your paper crafting.

I liked my little flower circles so much that I decided to stamp a whole bunch of them in different colors and use them on a card. I grabbed some other supplies that I found at Judy's (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - the giant die cut flower and the ribbon stickers too) and I quickly whipped this up.

Also, awhile back I created a layout using the same technique, it's not exactly the right season for today's post but it shows another idea on how to use this technique. I made the pumpkins and the "U" and "R" by kissing stamps together.

So there you have it, give "kissing" a try, be creative and hopefully have a great day.



rubyslippers said...

This is a very cool technique for a HOT summer day! Thanks for this one -- I'm going to go give it a try!

Mona said...

Thanks for reminding me about this technique. It's been a long time since I've thought of using it. I most often used it to make titles by kissing both a letter stamp from an alphabet set with a shape stamp. I think that matching any of the decorative swirl stamps that are sold at Judy's with other stamps would also work great.