Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today my first born turns 11. Needless to say today will be filled with happiness as we celebrate her day. In keeping with the birthday theme, here are a few product picks that you may not have realized that Judy's sells.

1 - Decorative Tape: Seriously, how cute is this? You could use it to wrap presents or use it as decoration on a scrapbook layout or birthday card.

2- Candles: On more than one occasion we've had people come in looking for birthday candles. Because of this we've started carrying them.

3- Birthday Calendars: I've posted about these before, but we have different kinds of calendars on hand, one of them being a special occasion book that you can decorate and keep close at hand so you remember all those important events, including birthdays, in your life.

4- Balloons: I don't have a picture of balloons, but in case you didn't know Judy carries helium balloons too.

5- Birthday themed stickers and such: And last but not least, we of course have all kinds of birthday papers, birthday stickers and embellishments to match. With the birthday themed paper craft products we have in stock you can make all sorts of layouts and cards celebrating your family and friends birthdays!


P.S. Happy Birthday Turkey!

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