Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Extra, Extra!

You all know that I'm big on taking something that is meant for one thing and using it for something else. Such is the case for today's post. It's just another idea that is inexpensive and pretty easy to do. And if you add in a little imagination you could convert this idea into many projects with different themes and purposes and that, if you ask me, is "extra" cool!

So, I ask you, have you looked at your gum packaging lately? If not, you may want to study it the next time you take out a piece of gum. Some of these little packages can make really cute little mini album holders. Here's how:

1- Very carefully take the package apart. Then using your paper of choice, trace the pattern of the package onto the paper and cut out.

* if the paper you are using is thin, you may want to glue it directly to the box. I used a thick, double sided paper so after I traced it and cut it out, the thick paper stood on it's own.

2- Set the packaging on top of the cut out paper. Using the folds on the packaging as your guide, fold your paper into shape. (see visual below)

3 - Once folds have been made, glue your little box together. Be sure to cut out any openings that are on the original packaging before you add adhesive. (see visual below)

4 - Fill it up with something fun. You could add gift cards, personal notes, tickets or even turn it into a little mini scrapbook. I added 4 little mini-layouts inside of my decorative package and turned it into a quick keepsake that my mother-in-law can keep in her purse as a little brag book.

So there you have it. I hope you have an "extra" good day Wednesday!

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Mona said...

I just noticed that the comment I left on Wednesday isn't showing up on the blog. I did it from Judy's store (but under my own account) so I don't know what happened to it. A recap of my comment just reinforces how I am always blown away with how creative Amy is and recycling and reusing everyday and often mundane things in our environment. This little project sent my mind spinning off into little grandma brag books, service coupon holders for loved ones, a little spot to hide a few love notes that can be tucked into a suitcase when your spouse has to go away, and on and on and on! Thanks again for your weekly inspiration.