Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Work It Wednesday - July 2nd

Today's Work it Wednesday post is another post about what you can do with your paper crafting supplies. It's mostly for fun especially since we have a holiday coming up. And, just for the record, I can take no credit for this idea. It's one I saw on another blog and wanted to try myself. So, without further delay here's a quick little step-by-step guide for turning a role of Life-savers into a firecracker.

1 - With a sharp tool, poke a large hole in both ends of the Life-saver package. Set Life-savers aside for a moment.

2- Cut a long string of wire and fold it three or four times as shown above. Set aside.

3- Using scrapbook paper and embellishments, cover and decorate Life-saver roll.

4- Thread wire bundle through the holes you poked in step 1. Be sure to have more wire on the top and as shown in photo above.

5 & 6 - Turn Life-saver over and press wire ends flat. This will secure the wire into place. If needed you can hold the wire into place with a little tape or glue dot.

7 - (not shown) Using a star punch, punch out and adhere stars to the tops of the wire. I placed a star in place using a glue dot and then put another star behind it. This sandwiched the wire and adhesive in between the two stars.

8 - Give some one you love your firecracker creation and wish them a Happy 4th of July.

So, there you have it! It's easy, it's quick, it's edible and it's one more way to work your love of paper crafting into your everyday life.


Scrappinwendi said...

How cool is this. I just may have to try this down south. Hugs to Judy!

Wendi from Mobile, AL

Mona said...

I think these are adorable and what a great centerpiece they could make combined with a big firecracker that's made from an empty Pringle's can or something along those lines. I love the fact that crafters are never upset when an idea is 'lifted' from them and either enhance or just used as is. Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July holiday.

Judy said...

I loved this idea but I'm giving them to smaller children and was worried about the wire so I used gold tuel and did the same thing with the stars the glue dots whent right through the tuel to hold the stars on.