Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday's Mother's Day idea

This layout may look familiar to some of you. We made this in a class a few years back, I think the class was on textures or paint or something like that. It doesn't really matter though as this post is meant to give you some ideas on things you can make for Mother's day. So, you can do a few things with this post:

1 - use the layout as an idea for a layout of your own. Since there aren't any pictures on it, it's really easy to break it down and turn it into a sketch or blueprint for a layout of your own.

2- Duplicate the layout and add photos and either keep it for yourself or give it to your mom as a tribute to her.

3 - Use a layout you have on hand as an idea starter to create a card. You can shrink the scheme of that layout and turn it into a card really easily. If the layout is 2 pages, just take one side and use it as your guide.

4- Go through your stash of old class layouts and see if you have any layouts that you haven't added photos to. If you do, add the photos or take the layout apart and use the items on it to make something else. Like a card.

For me, I went with idea #4 and turned the layout into a card. It was pretty easy to do as all the pieces were there for me. The card I came up with is shown in the photo above. It was quick and easy and I love quick and easy.

What will you come up with for your moms? If you've got a project you'd like to share, I'd love to show it on the blog. Email it to me. (email address is listed under store info)


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