Saturday, May 24, 2008

Product Pick of the day

Here is the product pick of the week: The Scor-It Mini

We showed these in a collage of new products a few weeks back however, since then, Judy has had the opportunity to use it and she absolutely LOVES IT! And, we think you guys will love it too, especially our card makers.

If you've ever had trouble using the scoring blade on your trimmer or trying to find a stylus than you know how cool it is to finally have something that works. We've already sold out of first shipment and our second shipment arrived this week. If you'd like to see it in action stop into the store and Judy can give you a little demo - it's really easy to use and a definite must have.

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Mona said...

As suggested, I asked Judy to show this to me when I was there at the end of last week and she quickly showed me how to use this very basic bur handy tool. Of course I ended up buying one and I think it has already become one of my favorite tools. Finally, a fool-proof way of scoring cards without having to pop the scorer into my paper cutter. Thanks for showcasing some of these products here so that I become aware that you have them in the store.