Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday - Part 2

My camera is fully charged and is ready to go so without further delay, here is another Mother's day idea. Actually, you could do this for just about any holiday or just as a fun thing for yourself.

This is a 4x6 wall hanging that is a snap to make. I used only one of the board book pages that comes in the package shown below, you get 6 total so you could make 6 of these in no time at all and for minimal cost too.

Grab a favorite photo, no need to have one special printed, just use one you already have. Mount it to the board page and decorate as desired. Then punch a hole (the board page has one previous punched for you) and add your ribbon so it can hang. See, it's that's simple.

Check back tomorrow for Work it Wednesday, I dare say it's one of my favorite creations to date.


P.S. - these are the board pages I used for the wall hanging. They come in a set of 6 and are very reasonably priced so you can make a mini album out of them but I like to use them individually too.

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