Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Vellum

I've been sorting out supplies and old layouts and stumbled on this really basic, almost-too-simple, little gem. I had to do this for an assignment back in 2004 for Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I don't remember what the specifics of the assignment were but looking at this layout sparked my idea for today's Work It Wednesday. So, I ask you - got Vellum?

I'm not a regular vellum user. However, it certainly has it's charms. You can use it for many different things including using it as a defusing/softening agent. The background for the layout above was made by just layering stripes of paper on top of a piece of plum cardstock. The problem though, was that the stripes were too bright and they over powered the photo. By placing the vellum on top of the layout it still allowed the stripes to show but it softened them and allowed the photo to shine as the focus. You can see the difference the vellum makes on the detail shot to the right.

You can do this little trick with any paper you have have. Here's some of the new paper that we just got in stock. I love this paper and I think it stands on it's own just fine but here's what it looks like with the vellum on it.

The vellum just adds a softer touch. I used this paper and vellum to create a little layout about my dad. Flowers aren't really his thing but since the layout was really for me, I wanted to use this paper anyway. The vellum takes the contrast down a notch so the pattern doesn't look so girly but it also still allows the colors and design to show through.

For Work It Wednesday I challenge you to find some paper that maybe is a bit bright or bold and make a layout with it using vellum as your softening agent - I think you'll be happy with the results.


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Mona said...

Thanks so much Amy for reminding us about some of the products we already have in a stash somewhere and that we probably haven't used in a while. That's the case with vellum! I love the simplicity of the layout with your father, but it's obvious that the words are heartfelt and very complimentary. I have to tell you too that I just love the look of your handwriting and if mine looked like that I'd always do my journaling by hand.