Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Flowers

As mentioned yesterday, today's Work It Wednesday is all about flowers. If you dig through your stash of supplies I'm pretty certain you'll find all kinds of flowers. Flowers are everywhere in paper crafting right now, from paper to die-cuts, or stickers and stamps - you're bound to find a flower if you look. So, what are some different ways to use them. Earlier in the year we talked about grouping them to make a bouquet, that's easy. Here are some other ideas that will help you use flowers:

I showed the cover of this little album yesterday as the little yellow flower came from the package of Posies that I featured. I'm showing it again because here is your first idea; use a flower as a "peek-a-boo" feature on your project. You can do this on a card, mini album or a layout. On this little album, you see a part of the flower showing through on the front cover and the rest of the flower when you open it.

Another idea is to take your flower and cut it in half. That way you can use both halves to create a design or back ground on your page.

Make a border - borders are a great way to define your focal point area and incorporating flowers into that is really simple. Just line them up and adhere them in place and you've got an easy and attractive page border.

If you have a flower print paper that you love but it might be too overwhelming to use on it's own, cut out the flowers and use them as page accents. That is what I did here. I love the way the single flowers complements everything else on the page.

And, last but not least, when using a die-cut or sticker flower, think of ways to dress it up. A simple button in the center adds dimension and add fabric, floss or twine for the stem. Here I used brads to make the stem but instead of securing them into the page, I opened the arms of the brad up and used a mini glue dot to hold them in place. This gave my flower a unique look.

So there you have for today. I hope you have a wonderful day that is blooming with creative ideas - Enjoy!

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Mona said...

Thanks again to Amy for helping take me out of my own "flowerbox" when it comes to different ways of using flowers. I love the idea of cutting the flowers in half and using each piece on a different part of a page and even though I've used a flower peeking out from under a photo, I feel I should have been smart enough to have thought about cutting it in half myself and only giving the appearance of using the whole thing under a photo so I could use the other half somewhere else. Duh!!! You always make it seem so simple.