Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Week and counting....

Mother's day is exactly one week from today and I have several "mother's day" related things to show you all week. Fun little projects you can do, cards you can make and just ideas that will hopefully get you thinking about celebrating Mother's day. Not to get too personal on you, but my own mother past away when I was only 9 years old. So, my concept of mother's day may be completely different from yours however, I do recognize other women who have been important in my life and I use Mother's day to honor them. I also use the day to celebrate my own role as a mother. So, however you celebrate the upcoming day, I hope you can tweak the ideas shared this week and put them to good use.

Awhile back I took several photos of gift items that we have for sell in the shop. Some of those photos I have already shared but others I've been hanging on too until this week. The photos I will share this week are great gift ideas for mom's but they also served as great memory triggers for me. This photo, when I uploaded it to my computer did just that. The handmade soaps triggered a memory of my grandma.

My grandma, Mabel Marie Checketts, was a great cook, a kind woman and she always had the prettiest soaps in her bathroom. I remember those soaps always smelled so good and I used to love rearranging them in their dish every time I used her bathroom. This may seam like a silly little thing to remember but I'm so grateful I was reminded of this little detail that made my grandma the person she was. Remembering those little life details is why I started scrapbooking - I didn't want to forget.

So, for today, I encourage you to think of something, a little detail about your mother, grandmother, aunt or an other important woman in your life and scrapbook it. Or make them a card and share that specific memory with them.

I truly believe one of the best ways to honor someone is to remember the details that make up their life.


P.S. The soaps shown above are available for purchase in the store. Not only do they make great gifts for mom's but they are a nice treat to pamper yourself too. They come in an array of colors, flavors and smells.

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