Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Work It Wednesday - May 21

I mentioned yesterday that we have more new papers to show, and we do have a lot of it. Here is another photo of some more of the new styles, these are all cooking themed. (Isn't the ginger bread man paper cute?) Since it is Work It Wednesday I wanted to show a quick way to use the label paper in the very front of this photo, plus this idea can be used with other papers too.

I have to be honest and admit that for scrapbooking, I personally, would never buy this paper. For scrapbooking, it's not my style. But I was immediately drawn to it and I do really like it so I challenged myself to use it and this is were Work It Wednesday comes in. Remember way back, I think it was even the first Work It Wednesday post and I showed what I do with my scraps? (If you missed that, you can check it out here) I pulled out my basket of scraps, grabbed this paper shown and in a half an hour I had six cards and some clever gift tags whipped up and ready to give away.

Sometimes you can take your 12x12 papers and depending on their styles cut them down to make little pieces of art work out of them. I did this with the paper shown and these are the cards I made in a matter of minutes.

After the cards were all made, I still had 6 left over labels so I turned some of them into tags that I can use when I give away little treats. Like, salsa - ever given salsa as a gift? Me neither, however, how cute would this be to make your own tag, add a bag a chips and just drop off a snack to someone for no reason.

Maybe you don't have this sheet of paper in your paper stash but I bet you have something similar that could be cut down and turned quickly into several cards or tags. Go see what you have on hand and make something with it. And, if you have nothing good to use, go buy one sheet of this paper and have fun playing with it - I did. The best part about all this is now I have 6 cards that I can package in a set and give away as a gift pack of pre-made cards or I have 6 cards on hand, ready for me to use whenever needed.


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Mona said...

More great ideas from Amy's creative mind. I looked at the paper and thought that some of the labels could be used to enhance pages in one of those books with family recipes that you showcased a little while back. I like the idea of the cards and tags too and all the better if making the tags leads someone to share a treat with someone else just so they can use the tag. I guess I will need to make a stop at Judy's tonight!