Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday - Part 1

Today is Work it Wednesday and I've got a fun little project to show you however, with Mother's day just a few more days away we also want to feature some gift giving ideas. So, like yesterday, I will post two post today. Here's your first one:

As most of you know Judy's is more than just a scrapbook store. We have a great gift selection that features a lot of local crafters and local products. This is something we are passionate about. We like supporting our community and we are pretty sure you do to. Today we are featuring some great gift baskets that are filled with only Maine products. If your mom is one of those women who already "has everything" than these baskets are a great gift idea for her. Here's some of the details about each basket:

1- Breakfast Basket - Comes with a biscuit mix, strawberry jam, tea, a linen towel and a spread knife.

2- Washington County Basket - All these products are made in Washington county, Kippers, Blueberry jam, syrup, mapled peanuts, chowder, granola, Rays mustard, sea salt and a yummy sweet treat

3 - Seafood Basket - Clam chowder, kippers, tartar sauce, sea salt, oyster crackers and wicked good chocolate fudge.

4- Italian Bowl - This comes in a beautiful ceramic bowl and is filled with tomato sauce, pasta, Italian snack sticks, Blueberry-cranberry clusters, two cheese spreads, nuts, and a linen towel.

Again, all of these gift packs are filled with Maine items. If you'd like more information about them you can call or stop by the store.

And, check back this afternoon for Work It Wednesday!

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